• Our Paideia Preschool is a year-round program offering a loving and safe setting, an enriching and challenging curriculum that prepares students two to five years old for their next developmental level, and also enhances their moral and spiritual growth. Our preschool program is open to all families who wish to enrich their children’s education by introducing them to the Greek language, Hellenic culture, and the Greek Orthodox faith. The program aims to help the child develop an appreciation for learning. Our goals are to promote the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual development of our children. We encourage the unique growth of each child using a Greek/English bilingual curriculum through music, fun and play.

    • Physical: Developing fine and gross motor and sensory
    • Emotional: Developing positive self-concept and skills to communicate
    • Cognitive: Developing speaking and early reading skills in English and Greek, as well as skills to think
    • Social: Developing skills like sharing, taking turns, cooperating, all teaching the children the importance of being part of a group.
    • Spiritual: Acquire the knowledge to celebrate the Orthodox

    We are committed to continuing the long tradition of the Greek Orthodox Church to support and maintain the Hellenism and exposure to the Greek language while also preparing children for their American education.

    Our preschool incorporates the ancient Hellenistic emphasis on instilling a love of learning and in educating the “whole” person. We encourage children to learn in different ways, from each other, and to become self-motivated, independent, and life-long learners. Using a holistic approach to early education, our preschool strives to help every child achieve their educational potential while instilling a belief in their individual exceptional spirit.