Saint Katherine Orthodox Church seeks to hire a Director of Education to oversee the Hellenic Education Center (HEC). Our values are rooted in our Hellenism and Orthodoxy. We promote individual and family excellence, education, and above all, our Orthodox Christian beliefs. These values are an integral part of our culture and provide the framework for our decision-making. The HEC consists of three components: 1) a Greek Language School, offering Greek language classes for pre-Kindergarten (pre-K) to 8th Grades and Adults; 2) the Paideia Day School, providing pre-K and, in the near future, a Kindergarten program; and 3) an emerging Community Education program, consisting of short courses and seminars related to Hellenic culture/language and Greek Orthodox traditions. The Director of Education will provide strategic leadership for the HEC, as well as develop and implement goals and objectives defined by the Saint Katherine Hellenic Education Committee (HEC Committee).  The ideal candidate must possess the skills necessary to mentor and manage the HEC staff, and work with the greater HEC community to further the schools’ goals. In addition, the Director of Education is responsible to ensure the financial stability of the HEC.

    Submission Requirements: Interested candidates should submit three items: 1) a Curriculum Vitae (CV); 2) a one page description of objectives, describing the candidate’s approach to teaching Greek as a second language in the United States; and 3) three references of prior experience.  

    Please send one “soft copy” to the following email address with subject Director of Education to hec-careers@stkchurch.com.

    Due Date for Submission:  Only candidates who submit the requested material by June 15th will be considered for employment.

    Job Responsibilities: Responsibilities include but are not limited to:  

    Curriculum development: In conjunction with the HEC Committee and advisors, review and update the existing curriculum to ensure consistency with Orthodox teachings, and establish clear goals and defined education levels for the Greek Language School. The curriculum should adopt well defined standards of learning consistent with national and internationally accepted standards for language instruction, with clear criteria for advancing between levels of proficiency. For the Paideia Program, continue to improve the Greek and English aspects of the Pre-K program to exceed Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia standards of learning. Establish HEC Community Education program, and develop 1-2 new short courses/seminars within the next year. Potential courses include those related to “Greek Dancing”, “Byzantine Hymnography”, “Biblical Greek”, and “Traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church”.  Work with Paideia teachers and the HEC Committee to structure future programs. This includes recruiting students for the new program and implementing a bilingual curriculum. 

    Operations Management: Responsible for the daily activities related to the operation and administration of the school. Provide regulatory oversight, update and create school policy, requirements for parent and teacher handbooks per state licensing and Archdiocese requirements. Ensure that child health documents and teacher requirements as per state and local licensing requirements are maintained. Property management including emergency plans, and schedules required for licensure/certification for the Paideia program. Plan the annual calendar for the programs, attend school and community-building social events.

    The HEC Director is accountable to the Parish Council and must provide timely updates regarding operations and activities of the HEC.

    Staff Management: Lead and supervise a team of teachers and other staff of the Greek School and Paideia programs to included curriculum implementation, classroom management, adherence to school policies and team collaboration. Recruit highly qualified staff, maintain required staffing levels, develop job roles and facilitate professional training/development. Conduct assessments of staff and recommendations for their further development on an annual basis.

    Marketing and Community Outreach - Work with the HEC Committee to develop and promote marketing and recruitment plans as needed to maintain optimal school enrollment. Enhance and promote communications between the HEC and the community, with an emphasis on parent-teacher-student communication. Distribute monthly updates of the programs to the parents and maintain a website to enhance communication with existing and potential parents/students.  

    Financial Responsibilities – Responsible for developing and managing the annual budget, in collaboration with the HEC Committee advisors and Parish Council. Work with HEC Committee to set economic objectives, financial and accounting policies and practices as necessary. Provide monthly financial reports to the HEC Committee and Parish Council.

    Technology Enhancements: Work with the HEC Committee to utilize the technology in place to enhance in-class teaching of the Greek language. Awareness and integration of current educational technology in the online and digital environments to make recommendations for improvement.

    Qualifications: Master’s in educational administration or related field preferred, with some experience in Early Childhood Education. Expertise in teaching the Greek language, curriculum development, and school administration/operations is required. 

    Experience:  5+ years of experience teaching in Greece, Greek American Day Schools, or Greek Language Schools with 1- 2 years of school leadership experience. Understanding of best practices in teaching Greek as a second language and overall education is needed. Fluency in Greek is required. Ability to work effectively and constructively with a diverse community including clergy, parents, Parish Council, staff, and government officials.