• Greek School Parents Auxiliary


    Fund raising and all parent's activities are organized by the Parent's - Teacher organization of both the pre-school and the Greek School.  Parent participation in the activities of the Hellenic Education Center is required.  These activities are many and include fund raising, assisting teachers in various class room activities, participation in field trips,  advocating for the schools during the Saint Katherine Festivals (in the Fall and in the Spring).

    There are two main annual fundraising events that primarily sustain the budget of both schools.

    *The Family Fun Night Event, which took place in the Fall. (TBC)

    *The Apokreiatiko Glendi, which this year is TBC

    The Kalanda is another fundraising event. The PTA organizes the event by contacting the families that would like to host the children. They also work on the route to visit the businesses. The students dress in red tops and wear a Santa Claus hat holding a triangle or jingle bells. It takes place usually the weekend before Christmas.