diavazo dunata 2019

Benefits of Reading Aloud

  • Does reading aloud really matters? YES!
    Listed below, just some of the benefits to reading aloud to children at home or at school:

    • Literacy skill building
    • Bonding
    • Brain development
    • Language development
    • Knowledge gained and shared
    • Instill a love of reading!

    Is 10 minutes enough to make a difference? YES!
    As educators, we wanted to take on the challenge to commit to building a reading aloud habit with our students and encourage more parents to do the same at home. We understand how busy schedules don't always leave room for that, but... everyone benefits from reading and being read to (or listening to) books!Reading regularly isn’t just for young kids. Older children also benefit when they are read to as the human brain is capable of hearing and understanding at a level above our reading level which in turn helps the reading level improve.

    Download here the Read Aloud "Διαβάζω Δυνατά" 2019 brochure from HEC!

Διαβάζω, διασκεδάζω, χαλαρώνω, ταξιδεύω... Read, have fun, relax, travel far...

  • "Imagine an elixir so strong that a daily dose makes your family smarter, happier, healthier, more successful, and more closely attached. Now imagine that you can have it without spending a dime".
    (Meghan Cox Gurdon - literary critic)

    This year at  the HEC we start a reading campaign "Διαβάζω Δυνατά!"...which mean Read Aloud!
    The inspiration came from the online magazine for kids literature "Κοκκινη Αλεπού" and it's equivalent to the readaloud.org, here in the US.
    Every week, each teacher, of any level is committed to allocate 10 min to read aloud in the class one Greek book of their choice...no strings attached! No homework on it, no reading comprehension tasks.
    We are all so excited for this challenge and we hope that more and more parents will join us or even better encourage us to continue building reading habit to our students!We will travel to new places, become explorers, have fun, solve mysteries and more!!!
    Stay tuned for updates and news on the "Διαβάζω Δυνατά!" campaign! We will be posting the progress of our readings, sharing moments and celebrate this new habit in our school community!

    NOTE: Any parent, older sibling or grandparent who would like to read a story in our class, is more than welcomed. Please contact directly your child's teacher to plan a visit and share with the children your passion for reading!!

    Happy readings!!