• HEC Mission


    The mission of the Saint Katherine HEC is to educate the children and adults of our community and beyond according to three key educational goals:

    1)    Comprehensive teaching of the Hellenic language

    2)    Instruction and exposure to the Hellenic culture, history, and heritage

    3)    Education in our Greek Orthodox faith, holidays, beliefs, and teachings

    Through the establishment of the HEC, we seek to become a pre-eminent Hellenic educational institution in the United States and further intend to achieve our goals through an innovative and stimulating curriculum, using traditional as well as technologically enhanced instructional methods. Student achievements will be quantifiable and teaching methodologies will be consistent with national and internationally accepted standards for language instruction and competency. Our values are rooted in our Hellenism and Orthodoxy. We promote individual and family excellence, education, and above all, our Orthodox Christian beliefs. These values are an integral part of our culture and provide the framework for our decision-making.


    To achieve our mission, the HEC offers a dynamic and multi-faceted educational system devoted to furthering our Orthodoxy and Hellenism through educational achievement and is comprised of the following components:

    • Greek Language School: Our Greek Language School incorporates three offerings:

    1)    A Pre-K - 8th Grade Greek School: provides innovative teaching and a standards-based curriculum that teaches Greek primarily as a second language.

    2)    Adult Language School: offers evening classes for adults interested in learning Modern Greek (beginner to advanced).

    3)    Online Education: a new feature for our school, this will begin initially with online tutoring for students whose parents do not speak Greek in the home. This will immediately resolve a long standing issue for many students and parents, and ultimately improve retention rates as well as the quality of the educational experience by providing an effective and ongoing educational dialogue.

    • Paideia Day School: We provide a leading day school that offers high quality education (in Greek and English) that exceeds nationally recognized standards of learning. The two components of our school include the following:

    1)    Preschool: our bilingual preschool offers a loving, family environment for 2-5 year olds grounded in the teaching of the Hellenic language/customs, Greek Orthodox religion, and American civics.

    2)    Kindergarten: Beginning September 2014, we plan on offering a Kindergarten class for 5-6 year olds that exceeds the Fairfax County curriculum.

    • Community Education: Our Community education offerings includes a Summer Language Camp for 3-12 year olds. Over the coming year, we plan on offering short courses/seminars in subjects such as Greek Cooking, Ecclesiastical Greek, Byzantine Chanting, and Introduction to Greek Language and Customs. Online education may also be implemented for some of these offerings.