About Our School

  • Education in our community has been of paramount importance for generations. Our Greek School, founded in 1962, initially held classes in a local motel until our first community center was built. In 2008, the Paideia Bilingual Preschool and Nursery added an important element to the educational paradigm at Saint Katherine. Over the years, we have set the standard, setting an example of how other communities can provide excellent instructional programs.

             The Hellenic Education Center logo/crest embodies a multitude of symbols immediately recognizable to our culture, heritage and faith.The azure background harkens to the Mediterranean Sea which fueled ancient Greece’s commerce and development. The gold chevron symbolizes the academic excellence required of our students and faculty. The major elements of the crest include the Holy Crucifix, symbolic of our Orthodox Christian faith. The wheel of Saint Katherine is testament to our patron saint’s martyrdom and her unswerving devotion to her principles of faith. The Athenian Owl is the universally recognized symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition throughout the Western world.

    The motto is “Ever to Excel” and is intended to serve as an inspiration to all students in search of knowledge. The source is the sixth book of Homer's Iliad, (Iliad 6. 208) in a speech Glaucus delivers to Diomedes: "Hippolocus begat me. I claim to be his son, and he sent me to Troy with strict instructions: Ever to excel, to do better than others, and to bring glory to your forebears, who indeed were very great ... This is my ancestry; this is the blood I am proud to inherit."